Jun 27, 2014




Jun 27, 2014




Jun 20, 2014


Writing an essay is NOT like writing a blog. There’s a word count and thesis statement. And people to impress. It’s like a test. For my grad school application I have to write about the importance of primary care in today’s society. Yup, that’s right. Grad school. It’s happening. I mean, I hope it’s happening! Here’s what I have so far:

In one of the best movies of 2008, an iconic hero, a winged crusader, preemptively saves his city from doom. Nursing is a lot like superhero films, with less splashy saves and more quiet, humble daily heroism. My time at All Saints Hospital in New York has prepared me for this kind of heroism. And I am excited to continue my journey as a healer by becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

My work with one particular patient—the husband of a woman with multiple sclerosis (come up with alias)—has prepared me for the NP track. A male, mid-40s, with a history of self-neglect. His eating habits were terrible. He barely slept. He had undiagnosed hypertension. And yet, he is in just as much danger as a man bleeding from the head.

Only 1,870 words to go! I’m gonna need a coffee. And a treat. Something with sprinkles. 


Jun 20, 2014


Grace called me today asking if I could help get her birth control. Jackie was sitting right next to me. Awkward sauce. I didn’t have a choice but to tell Jackie. I called Grace back on my lunch break to apologize. I know how uncomfortable it can be to talk about this stuff with moms. I practiced in front of the mirror like six times before I asked my mom for birth control. I was so worried she would flip but she was actually proud of me. She explained that, “moms have sex too” and she always wants me to be safe, protected and healthy. I told Grace that I’ll always help coach her through tricky “mom talks” but I can’t make mom decisions. I have advice. Jackie has wisdom. 


Jun 20, 2014


Every year, I make a list of goals. It’s a way to push myself and get out of my comfort zone. It’s also a way to help me have more fun and be the best me! Here’s the list for this year:

Go back to school for my masters.

Spend more time with Grace & Fiona.

Volunteer on Earth Day.

Take an aerial dance class.

Own a credit card.

Invent a new cereal.

Ride in a hot air balloon.

Eat-pray-love my way through Canada.

Frame my button art.

Knit all my Christmas presents.


Jun 12, 2014


Jackie is not afraid to rock a new hairstyle and I love that. She’s like the hospital Rihanna. Her pixie haircut is one of my all-time faves. Jackie and RiRi started that trend, I swear. Which of her ‘dos do you like best?


Jun 9, 2014


I learned today that our dearly departed newsstand proprietor, Naeem knew each of our favorite candy. How thoughtful is that? I need to step it up and learn more about my co-workers. I’ve been thinking of one special thing I know about everyone and two words instantly came to mind: spirit animal. Now I’m breaking a rule here because technically your spirit animal chooses you, but I really think I have everyone pegged. See below:

ME: ladybug

JACKIE: lion

THOR: sea otter

EDDIE: owl


DR. COOPER: coyote

DR. ROMAN: crow 


Jun 9, 2014


My friend Rose insisted that I exercise my blues away at a gymnastics class with her. It sounded kinda cool and she wasn’t taking no for an answer so I went. All I can say is, WOW and OW. Ten minutes in, my body was bending like Gumby. I was upside down so much that I got vertigo and had to sit out for awhile. I did totally shine during the cartwheel segment until I realized I had never learned how to do one left-handed. It was so ugly, you guys. I had to ask people to avert their eyes on my turn. The last movement of the class was front handsprings. I know how crazy that sounds, trust me, I lived it. A fellow newbie explained that it was all about “being present and letting go.” By the end I could do a handstand and let my body fall back into a foam pit. That was fun. Today is rough though. I needed Thor to help me up a flight of steps at lunch. I don’t think I’ll be taking gymnastics again. But hey, I was brave and it doesn’t hurt to try something once. Well in this case, it does. 


Jun 5, 2014


Jun 3, 2014


I’ve realized something these past few days. My break-up may be hard but that’s no excuse to let it affect my performance at work. My mom says that a real professional checks her personal life at the door. It’s true, even if you work from home like her, and it SO applies to being a nurse. At my job, it is my responsibility to care for other people. I genuinely want to make them feel better and I can’t do that unless I buck up and put on a happy face. Chances are, my patients are having a way harder day and I can’t be selfish when they need me. Plus, taking care of others makes me feel good. I can feel my feelings in the cab to work or on my lunch break in a bathroom stall. When I’m on the floor, it is not about me. I’m a nurse and I’m strong.

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